Legends of the Sun

Released 1 May 2010


“Legends of the Sun” was recorded in bedroom studios in the UK and South Africa, between 2005 and 2010. Produced by Roland Albertson and Greg Nottingham. Final mix & master by Patrick Jonsson at Ignition Studios, London.

This EP was originally intended to serve only as a demo, to send out to prospective record labels. It was supposed to be a good cross-section of songs I’d written up to that point, and showcase my different styles & influences.

I later decided to self-release as my first album, online; and as a limited print run for physical release. Only 600 copies were ever made – all hand-numbered – sold at gigs in the UK and South Africa, and via mail order.

Album Cover

Design: Karl Mynhardt – https://www.kandi.co.za

Photo: Roland Albertson (Llandudno Beach, Cape Town)

Physical Album

Beautiful album artwork by Karl Mynhardt – https://www.kandi.co.za

Track Listing

Click on a song title above for video, lyrics and guitar tab.

  1. White Wednesday
  2. Picking Up The Pieces
  3. Hold My Hand
  4. No Place Like Home
  5. Find Your Own
  6. Broken

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