My incredibly loyal and supportive fan-base have helped me fund my 2nd album! It's called 'Only The Brave' and it's dedicated to shark conservation. Please visit to find out more about shark conservation and support them.

Only The Brave
(Digital, 2014 EP)




Alternatively, you can get the album from iTunes, Spotify and all other major online retailers & streaming services.


Yes folks, it's a real photo, no Photoshop trickery!

Featuring: Lesley Rochat (The Shark Warrior) free-diving with Tiger and Lemon sharks in the Bahamas
Photo: Mike Ellis
Artwork: K&i Design Studio


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This list of supportive fans, friends, and family funded this album (entirely) and allowed me to live out a dream. Who needs a label anyway... Hehe

Thank you all so much!

Antoinette Van Eeden, South Africa
Agnieszka Ansell, United Kingdom
Alexander Miliotis, United Kingdom
Andrew Sinclair, United Kingdom
Ant & Nola Thomas, South Africa
Arth & Sandi Albertson, Botswana
Augusto Cesar Gava Burigo, Brazil
Barbara Kennedy, South Africa
Carina Faulconer, South Africa
Caspar Schaede, Germany
Chip, South Africa
Christian Van Zijl, United Kingdom
Christo Oberholzer, South Africa
Christopher Carter, United States
Claude de Speville, South Africa
Clegg, South Africa
Craig Naughton, Australia
Dan Szymczak, United Kingdom
Darren Pibworth, United Kingdom
David Birch, United Kingdom
Derek & June Albertson, South Africa
Douglas Reid, South Africa
Dylan Casley, United Kingdom
Ed Talboys, United Kingdom
Emily Beck, United Kingdom
Eric Farewell, United States
Fabienne Franke, Germany
Gareth Clarke, United Kingdom
Gareth Long, United Kingdom
Gitanjali Sabu, India
Grace Phillips, United Kingdom
Gran, South Africa
Irene & Sheldon, United Kingdom
J Boshoff, Singapore
James Robson, South Africa
Jannis Friedmann, Germany
Jennifer Gabriel, Germany
Justin Smith, United Kingdom
Kym Geikie, Australia
Lewis Weatherby, United Kingdom
Liam, South Africa
Liz & Lisa De Speville, South Africa
Louw Venter, South Africa
Mark Shepperson, South Africa
Matt Besseling, South Africa
Matt Oldroyd, United Kingdom
Michelle Welsh, United Kingdom
Monique Marnach, United Kingdom
Nick Allison, South Africa
Nicola Nel, United Kingdom
Ola Samuelsson, United Kingdom
Olivia Taylor, United Kingdom
Philip Stupples, United Kingdom
Quietly Concerned, South Africa
Rachel Wicker, United States
Reuben Wiseman, United Kingdom
Richard Hambloch, South Africa
Richard Woods, United Kingdom
Robert Wilson, Norway
Rogan Flitton, South Africa
Sarah Sumrall, United States
Scott Smith, Australia
Sharon Frye, United Kingdom
Shaun Leisegang, United Kingdom
Shawn van Zyl, South Africa
Stefania Di vincenzo, Italy
Tal Abarbanel, Israel
Tian van den Heever, South Africa
Tim Bower, United Kingdom
Tim Munton, South Africa
Violeta Almagro, Spain
Wade Beele, United Kingdom
Wayne Shuttle, United Kingdom
Zac Johnson, United States


These people (and companies) all sponsored time, expertise or equipment to make this album better than it could ever possibly be. I can't thank you enough for your generous support.

A special mention must first go to Etienne Oosthuysen for playing drums and percussion on the album, and contributing countless hours on track selection, arrangements, the mix and everything else that it took to finish this. Secondly, to Llewellyn John, for playing bass on the album and also contributing massively to all aspects of the album. This album is badass because of you two!

Thank you guys!

Etienne Oosthuysen - (Drums)
Llewellyn John - (Bass)
Greg Nottingham & Robin Kohl - (Studio Legends) -
Pam Buckle - (Adventure Queen) -
Howard Butcher - (Studio guru) -
Jess Harvey-Butcher - (Talent Management) -
Greg Culey - (Video & Photography) -
Kat De Sarigny - (Photography) -
Dewald de Jagger - (GoPro South Africa) -
Mike Ellis - (Photography - album cover) -
Eric Farewell - (The Aviator) -
Cobus Joubert - (Wooden Surfboard Shaper) -
David Law - (House Producer Extraordinaire) -
Rogers Masson - (Legendary Producer) -
Lesley Rochat - (The Shark Warrior) -
The Shark Warriors - (Making people think differently about sharks) -
K&i Design Studio - (Design Masters) -
Frans Van der Merwe - (Home Studio Master)
Marshall Music West Rand - (Equipment Specialists) -


ps: If you want to check out some behind the scenes stuff, be sure to look at the album Facebook page.

Cheers and thanks so much for listening!


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